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Published by the Australian Prophetic Council.

The nation of Australia is called to have a ministry like King David. It has a heart of praise and worship, a warrior spirit and is appointed to have strong leadership.

The Davidic generation is a people that worship like King David with passionate, extravagant and reverential worship. This is a generation that will walk in the awe, fear and holiness of the Lord. This generation will follow the prophetic flow and spontaneity of Davidic worship. Seeking God’s manifest presence of His glory will be a major priority. The Lord is restoring the power and influence of the prophetic arts, such as dance, music, art and plays back to His church to release greater breakthrough and to save many souls.

This warrior generation is called to roar out the decrees of the Lord and see all their enemies scattered. The Davidic generation is God’s answer to the spiritual intimidation and threats of the enemy in this end-time era. The warrior generation is now here and is a people of giant slayers who will do great exploits. The body of Christ are going to slay the giants in and over the seven mountains of society. The Lord is stirring up and inspiring a new alertness, boldness and holy aggression in the spirit of believers. These mighty warriors will pull down the strongholds of the enemy and destroy all his works.

The Lord is establishing a restoration generation in this country that will pursue and recover all that the enemy has stolen from them. Supernatural signs, wonders and miracles are being restored to the whole body of Christ. Repentance is going to open the way for full restoration in every area of our lives and nation. The Lord is restoring His destiny and purpose for His church and bride through His Spirit of wisdom and revelation. In this restoration generation multitudes will be brought into the kingdom of God. There will be revival breaking forth in many places. God will manifest Himself in greater glory in the mist of His people. Wealth and prosperity will be restored back to the church of God to advance the gospel, for the salvation and discipling of souls and to bless the nations.

This present generation, like King David, is a prophetic generation. Prophets and prophetic ministries are being restored to the church in this country. The supernatural power of the prophetic mantle will be demonstrated through mighty signs wonders and miracles. The prophetic voice is going to sound like a trumpet that jolts sleeping consciences, minds and hearts awake to the call, plans and seasons of the Lord. When the prophets speak it will thunder within the hearts of the hearers and cause a strong conviction to mobilise for the great end-time harvest. These prophetic voices will release the power and authority of the Lord to bring great transformation and reformation to this land. The trumpets of God will continue to sound the call to repentance, restoration and righteousness.

There will be a multiple anointing that this generation will walk in which will increase their range of influence and level of authority. Believers will live and minister out of the Holy Spirit’s enablement and energising power. The body of Christ will be spiritually activated, trained and equipped for the mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit that will sweep across this nation. With the blessings of God’s multiple anointing’s we will witness new and greater exploits and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power. Christians are going to see conquered territories and this country brought to the greatest glory in all of its history.

It will be the top priority of this generation to bring back the Ark of God’s glory presence to this nation. When God’s glory is fully restored back to this country, it will release the blessing, presence, power and protection of God. The restoration of the Lord’s glory will require repentance, humility and sanctification on behalf of the body of Christ. In order for God’s presence to be brought into and manifested in our local churches and individual lives, a proper divine order must be followed. We need to treasure the presence of God more than anything else. There needs to be repentance and cleansing. Our lives have to be totally consecrated to the will, purposes and plans of the Lord. Also, a lifestyle of consistent praise and worship and sacrificial obedience is required.

This generation will be known as a covenant relationship people. These people will be men and women after God’s own heart who desire to do all of the Lord’s will. Walking in covenant relationship with God will release great blessings, favour, divine revelation, unity and fruitfulness. There is a grace upon the body of Christ to cultivate and develop a deep, strong and intimate relationship with God. In order to receive the full blessing and promises in God Word, we need walk in covenant friendship with the Lord. This is a relationship of unconditional love, total commitment and consistency that places God above self and above all else.

Christ-like character, power and dominion will be displayed and demonstrated by this generation. Many Christians will fully possess the promise land and the promises of God and will defeat all their enemies. To move in the dominion level is to operate at the highest level of anointing. This generation will rule and reign with Christ upon the earth. Jesus has delegated His power and authority to His body to have dominion over everything that opposes the will of God. In this Davidic generation we will see numerous believers walking in the fullness of the fruit and gifts of the Spirit manifesting as it is in heaven in all the world.

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