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A Generation of Jeremiahs with Fire in Their Bones

At a prophetic conference in London last year, I prophesied over a man telling him that I saw the prophetic call of Jeremiah all over him and that the Lord was going to bring a release of His voice through him that had felt like fire shut in his bones. The man was visibly moved by God and wept as the Lord touched him. Later that night he walked up to me to tell me that his name was Jeremiah. I had not known his identity or his name! The Lord, however, knew his name and the glorious destiny and call He had for him.

I felt impressed upon me to release this word—that there are many like that man with a Jeremiah-type of calling and that the Lord will bring a release to these voices and will not allow their voices to be shut down. These Jeremiahs are those with a calling from the Lord, some of whom have felt bound and unable to release the voice and message of the Lord freely.

I see a river of fire being released through these burning ones. They are people of all ages and genders, from various nations, who will release the fire long held within them through Spirit-led intercessory prayers, prophetic words, evangelism, and accompanied by great signs and wonders.

The Lord Gave These Words Regarding the Release of the Jeremiahs:I feel an urgent mandate to call forth the Jeremiahs in the United Kingdom! As many would have heard and read, there have been a spate of attacks in the UK recently, with many young people killing each other. Gang violence has been rampant, where lives had been destroyed by guns and knives. I believe these young people have a destiny to release the fire in their bellies and in their bones to reach a multitude for Christ. However, the enemy has perverted that which God has planned for them, causing an unholy rage of destruction to be released through them.

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