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Happy New Year.  As people return from holiday and momentum is picking up, as we gather back and start doing life together and seeing how God wants to use us now. 


​We will be starting our outreach again, hallelujah! 


We will continue to get amongst the community in the coming months and would love you to join us.


Check out the Facebook page for more details.


​Bible study is starting up again on Wednesday 12 January at 7.45pm. We will be continuing to study the book of Philippians. We will continue via Zoom so you can join online and be a part of the discussion and prayer.

Meeting id: 843 5849 9191        Passcode: Prayer


We look forward to seeing you out and about in the community.

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Come with an expectation to encounter God in a transforming way. He longs to speak and share His heart with you, and for you to know His love.

At Awakening Casey we allow the Holy Spirit to lead our services. We invite him in and He comes and moves powerfully each week. At the end of the service it is breath-taking to look back and see how He moved. He is truly good.

Each Sunday you can join us in person at 8 Gray Street, Cranbourne North. Or join us on Facebook Live

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Join us at The Engine Room.

Wednesday nights a time of prayer, worship and discipleship. We have teamed up with one of the amazing local Charismatic Catholic prayer groups to seek God and see what God is doing in our beautiful nation. We pray for Awakening in Casey and Australia and for each other's needs.


Everything is built on prayer and this is where we get strategies from heaven for advancing the Kingdom.

As part of the night, we also have a bible study where we discuss the word of God and how we can apply it in our every day lives. 

Meeting Point: In person @ 8 Gray St. Cranbourne North or online 

Zoom Meeting ID: 843 5849 9191

Password: Prayer





Every fortnight we meet together to

share Jesus with our community.

We have multiple teams who will walk around the streets/businesses praying for people, sharing Jesus and praying for the needs of the people around us. 
Please send us a Facebook message to confirm what day we will be going out on the week you wish to join us on.

Meeting Point: We meet at various places around Cranbourne.

                        See Facebook for more details,

                        or contact us on 0403 566 610

Time: *Saturdays - 10.50am (for prayer) 11am Sharp start

              *check our Facebook page for more details.


Dear Awakening Casey family & friends,

We are in agreement that this COVID-19 will not come near our dwelling or our church family. We are praying daily for you, knowing that we are all protected by the Blood of Jesus.

UPDATE 20.03.20
As our government removed the restrictions for public indoor gatherings. This means we will meet for church in person - church will still be live streamed via Facebook Live and via Zoom every Sunday morning at 10 am. Please see our Facebook page and website for further details.

Given the recent events relating to the COVID-19, our church has recognised the need to respond and share some guidelines on our approach & conduct of meetings; including mid-week meetings. Please read details below. 

Spiritual Response:
We understand the current environment surrounding this issue, the impact that has been felt, and the worries it has raised, but we also hold to the truth that we have not been given the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

  1. Having a sound mind means we don't fear but we do have wisdom, and we want to implement some healthy guidelines both spiritually and practically on this matter. 

  2. We've also been given the spirit of Power and we will continue to pray that those affected by this virus will be healed, and we'll also be praying that the spread and impact of this virus will cease.

  3. And as we've been given the spirit of Love; we want to continue loving on our community according to the wise and practical guidelines outlined by our movement, please see below.

Practical Response:
As a result we have will continue to meet 10am at 8 Gray Street, Cranbourne North.


The Awakening Casey aims to provide a safe environment for all who attend services and programs at our church. When it comes to the current outbreak of Coronavirus, we believe it is important to respond practically and wisely to minimise the spread of this disease and keep people safe.


We are calling all to stand together and pray in faith as Coronavirus brings fear and panic across the world. Let's push back against fear, knowing the will of God is health and wholeness in Jesus' name!  

We highly recommend that everyone takes the following precautionary measures at this time:

• Good hygiene is essential, and the best defence against infection. This includes:
• Regularly washing your hands with soap and water;
• Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze;
• Avoiding close contact with those who have been infected.
• Health professionals have suggested we take care with greeting each other (a smile or wave can be as welcoming as a handshake or a hug at this time).
If you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms:


What to do if you feel unwell:
If you or your child is feeling unwell, please seek medical attention and stay home until you are well again. The Dept of Health has released a detailed fact sheet Information for Parents.
• Surgical masks are only recommended to members of the community who are displaying symptoms.
• If you experience any respiratory-related symptoms or a fever (including but not limited to temperature, cough, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, a sore throat, or a runny nose), please consult your doctor and stay at home and rest (for a period of 14 days).
• If you have reason to believe you may have Coronavirus, it is important that you seek medical attention early. Make sure you call ahead so that your doctor’s surgery can be prepared. Australia's National Coronavirus Health Information Line is: 1800 020 080

• Let us know if you are unwell and need to be quarantined. You don’t have feel isolated.

These measures should not to cause fear or alarm, and we are committed to ensuring your health and well-being. We remain people of faith, and will continue to pray against this disease with our hope and trust in the Lord.

“I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’” (Psalm 91:2)

Finally, on behalf of our Senior Ministry Team we want to offer prayer for anyone who has been affected with the Coronavirus. There are currently no known cases of COVID-19 in our church communities, however, if you, or anyone you know, need prayer please send through your prayer request as we'll have a team that will be actively praying for people to receive healing. 

If you have any further questions or concerns please reply via email and we will endeavour to respond as soon as we can. 



AROUND australia


There are no events happening at this time due to Coronavirus. Let's stand firm in our prayers that this will end swiftly. 

Bi-monthly Revival Meetings are coming January 2022.  Venues, times to be advised.


There are no events happening at this time due to Coronavirus. Let's stand firm in our prayers that this will end swiftly. 



There are no events happening at this time due to Coronavirus. Let's stand firm in our prayers that this will end swiftly. 


There are no events happening at this time due to Coronavirus. Let's stand firm in our prayers that this will end swiftly.